Monday, March 12, 2007


Leading with his chin instead of his toes,
Pajamas under his arm out the front door he goes,
For the lawn holds no interest and much less his work,
Cause he is off to learn karate from that fanatic jerk.

With the joy of a youngster he vaults into the night,
Yes he will be careful - of course he won’t fight,
He is over thirty, you see the logic is there,
He would never kick his buddy with feet that are bare.

But he will be delighted they bruised his cheek not his lips,
And see - he did not hurt his feet - just damaged the tips.
He will stretch for his kata until he can’t walk,
Some joints now make noises, others just lock.

But he brushes it off muttering about all the gain,
And forgets that when fat, he knew nothing of pain,
Yes, my modern day warrior with a body of glass,
Where I would like to kick you is square in the ass.


Mounir said...

Nice Zanshin ..

Unknown said...

Excelente post amigo, muchas gracias por compartirlo, da gusto visitar tu Blog.
Te invito al mio, seguro que te gustarĂ¡:

Un gran saludo, Oz.

123KRAVMAGASEO said...
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